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About me


I love creating

I am a student with a wide variety of interests, but many fall under the visual arts spectrum. This includes but is not limited to painting, videography, photography, and fashion.

More About Me


What’s up πŸ‘‹ ! My name is Julia Lau, class of 2023, from Los Angeles, CA. I am a Digital & Screen Media major and a Computer Science Minor at Davidson College. I am passionate about using digital tools to address social issues. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge in the digital realm through my study abroad with DIS Copenhagen this Spring 2022 semester!

Personal Interests

My personal interests include playing board-games, creating content, eating yummy food, and curating fits! My absolute favorite past-time though is traveling β€” which is something I intend on fully taking advantage of while I’m abroad. I’m super excited to live in Copenhagen, Denmark for the next four months and to explore the city, learn more about myself, and to widen my perspectives.

Why Copenhagen?

Digital Studies is a niche major so it was difficult to find programs abroad that aligned with my academic curriculum. I heard that DIS Copenhagen has a wide variety of programs with all sorts of majors and discovered their Media studies program — which is amazing!

Courses I’m Taking

  • New Media and Changing Communities (Core Course)
  • Meaning of Style
  • Philosophy of Love
  • History of Sexuality in Europe
  • Danish Language and Culture I


Contact Me

Feel free to contact me at Let me know what you want to see or what you would like to know about being a DIS Copenhagen Student!