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Living in Nimbus

As I’ve explained in the housing guide, I live in a Kollegium called Nimbusparken in Frederiksberg. I’ve really enjoyed living here and I’m glad I got my first choice which was  Kollegium. So, let me… Read More »Living in Nimbus

$58 Flight: Edinburgh

This will now officially be my second weekend trip this semester. Isn’t that crazy? I really feel like I’ve been traveling so much, and DIS really gives you the opportunity to do so with Travel… Read More »$58 Flight: Edinburgh

Best Cheap Eats

If you already didn’t know, Copenhagen is hella expensive. Most places you go to will be at least $15-20 to eat at. So, let me put you on and give you some cheap eats. (This… Read More »Best Cheap Eats

Paris: Not Overrated

Whenever I hear about Paris, people are always like it’s overrated why would you want to go there? I’m here to tell you that it isn’t overrated and that it was totally worth going to.… Read More »Paris: Not Overrated

Core Course Week: London

As I’ve mentioned before, DIS offers two weeks of travel: one dedicated to independent travel and the other is with your core course. For Travel Week 2, my core course traveled to London, England! I’ve… Read More »Core Course Week: London

Academic Life

Taking 5 courses is definitely more than what I’m used to, but it’s actually not as bad as it sounds! After doing some calculations, it turns out that I’m in class for 200 more minutes… Read More »Academic Life