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Best Cheap Eats

If you already didn’t know, Copenhagen is hella expensive. Most places you go to will be at least $15-20 to eat at. So, let me put you on and give you some cheap eats. (This is within the context of Copenhagen – I wouldn’t say that it’s cheap compared to U.S. standards, but it iz what it iz)

Skt. Peder’s Bageri

They have a wide variety of pastries for 20-25 DKK ($3-4)! All very yummy and one of my favorite bakeries in Copenhagen. Also very close to DIS. Their specialty is the Wednesday Snail and it’s a cinnamon bun that’s sold only on Wednesday’s.

Fresh Bagel

Get a DIS discount here! You can customize your bagels with whatever protein and veggies you want. I think they were around 40-60 DKK depending on what you get. It’s also on the same street as the DIS student hub which is super convenient!

Kong Pizzeria

Great pita bread shawarma — my favorite place in Copenhagen! Very filling, delicious, and worth its price. It’s around 45 DKK and also right next door to Fresh Bagel. It has so much meat and veggies!

Next Door Cafe

This is an LGBTQ+ friendly restaurant with DIS discounts as well. I usually get the breakfast egg sandwich with chai latte since it’s one of the cheapest items and super filling! I’m always so full and happy after coming here — so hygge! It’s around $9 so v good for a breakfast meal.

Bubble Wow

This store recently opened up at the corner of DIS and the owners are very kind. They also give DIS discounts and they offer sweet and savory options in this bubble pancake. I got the salmon option and it was around 65 DKK – worth it!

Those are some of my cheap eats in Copenhagen, but personally I don’t really eat out since I cook a bunch. You save so much more money but these were some of the places that I found to be on the cheaper side. Hope this guide helps – CHOMP

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