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Chefing it Up

Before coming to Copenhagen, I never really cooked any meals for myself. Especially at Davidson, since I didn’t have a readily accessible kitchen, I hardly cooked and mainly ate at Commons (the dining hall) or Turner (my eating house). So, this has been a really big adjustment to me — really going from 0 to 100! I’ve gone from never cooking to cooking all the time. I’m hoping to become Gordon Ramsey by the end of the semester..

The first thing I cooked was beef, rice, with a side of bell peppers! I cooked with Lily for dinner the day before classes and it was very successful (:

Another night, we went to her place in Lyngby and we made dumplings! We definitely free-styled in the way we folded and wrapped the dumplings…still tastes the same!

Entering my second week in Copenhagen, my flat agreed to have weekly dinners with each other on Mondays! The first meal we cooked together was spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and garlic bread.

Next up, we have salmon! I decided to be bold and try cooking something I’ve never cooked before in my life and I had missed eating fish. Paris and I cooked at her place in MΓΈnten!

The last thing I made recently was pizza! Very fun and easy as well. You can literally put whatever you want on it and we decided to put salami, bell peppers, and mushrooms!

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