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30 Mins to Sweden

As I’ve mentioned in the last post, I went to Sweden for the day! Did you know that you can take a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden? Well guess what — you can! I remember hearing that for the first time and it blew my mind.

So, on Marla’s first official day here, February 12, 2022, we took a day trip to Malmö. We went to Copenhagen Central Station to take one straight shot towards Sweden. We got a little confused as to which train we were supposed to go on, but eventually we figured it out.

We got off and started doing the touristy things. As we were walking, I kept navigating us in the wrong direction, BUT that allowed us to stumble upon this amazing food hub: Malmö Saluhall. Basically a food hall with an abundance amount of great food options. We weren’t hungry since we had just eaten breakfast, but we knew that we definitely had to eat this later. Instead, due to Marla’s coffee addiction, we went to some coffee stand to get her some (she drinks so much!!)

Afterwards, we walked in the direction toward Malmohus Castle and on our way, we found this nice serene park (Kungsparken) and explored there a bit. As we continued to meander, we found the famous gigantic windmill, Slottsmöllan. After taking a billion photos and getting blown away by the wind, we went to the castle. The ticket was only 2$ which surprised me since I’m used to everything being expensive in Copenhagen! :0 The castle had various rooms displaying works of art and the history behind the castle.

Our ticket included access to the nearby museum, Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus and it seemed like a children’s museum but nonetheless it had cool vehicles like cars, trains, and planes.

Afterwards, we went for dinner at Malmo Saluhall and something I love to do when I’m eating out is doing family style. So, Marla and I split a salami pizza from Hedvigsdal and a beer. Not a fan of the beer, but the pizza was thin and yum. Our table didn’t have a candle so I got one from another table and it was more difficult to get than I thought it would be haha

Then, we wanted Asian food since it looked delicious and we got a beef rice bowl from Pink Head. It was a little bit too salty for me but it looked aesthetically pleasing 😛 For dessert, we got the classic Fastelavnsboller and it was soft and the flavors melted in our mouth. It even looks incredible.

We ended our day walking around the square and exploring shops. After sunset, the water looked so beautiful and crystal clear. Definitely a beaut. Bye Sweden!

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